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AsianFunkと名付けて、KiYOMi&ISSEIのオリジナリティー溢れるアレンジで楽しくなる観客参加型ライブを国内外で展開。東京を 拠点に、NYマンハッタンでの数々のライブハウス出演、国連本部でのSTOP AIDS機構発足パーティー出演、ケニア訪問、ライトオブアフリカ出演など、ワールドワイドに活動中。


【Q Kendrick Live Review】
Just recently; I was fortunate enough to see the talented Kiyomi of KiYOMi&ISSEI with her equally talented guitarist Issei. Her energetic, soulful vocals are always a treat to hear and watch. The duo began their set with an uplifting orginal balad called “JB” (Balad song for an old man); followed by “Rafflesia”; a grooving funk jam which featured some powerful quitar work from Issei. Kiyomi’s singing ability is always impressive, but she really shined on their third song “Succeed.” KiYOMi has a great ability to express a wide variety of emotions with her dynamic voice style. This song really pleased the audience. It was no suprise that the audience demanded an encore. Kiyomi and Issei rewarded the audience with another original song written by her called “Jambo”. This heartfelt song speaks of the physical and emotional hardships of life as a child in impoverished Africa. It’s a song of hope as well as a dream that no one will have to suffer as long as we work together to become a world family. As I listened to this moving performance; watching the audience sing along and truly enjoy their experience; I was reminded that with every Kiyomi live performance, everyone feels like family and hope is alive and well in the world.

CD Information

■Jan 8th, 2011
iTunes Storeでもダウンロード配信スタート!!
ご購入は こちらから。

1. Succeed※
2. Tell me why?
3. 島立ちの歌※
4. So many men
5. 廃墟の鳥 ※

■June 6, 2010
「JAMBO」が、iTunes Storeからダウンロードで購入できます!

1. JAMBO(English)※
2. JAMBO(Japanese)※
3. The other side of the Earth※
4. JAMBO Funk※
5. JAMBO(instrumental)



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